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Diary of a re-homed cockerpoo

After losing our beloved mastiff Nellie in October we wanted to do something to help a dog in need. So at the start of Lockdown 2.0 we took in an 18 month old cockerpoo who was being re-homed as he was showing resource guarding tendencies - guarding his things, stealing things and guarding them and getting "grumpy" over his sleeping areas. It escalated and he bit his owners several times, but with a little understanding we hope to help him to understand there's no need to get into those confrontations any more. He is called Fidget and this is his first ever diary entry!

Dear Diary

I have been in this house for 3 days now and I don't mind telling you it's a bit strange, I wonder when I will be going home. After a new haircut and my first encounter with a cockerel crowing yesterday I was a bit stressed in the evening, and I was grumpy to Wilbur. So today has been a quiet day to keep me calm. My new owners have bought me natural calming tablets and Adaptil products to help.

I got over tired around lunchtime after a BIG chew, and humped the sofa cushions! This would probably have caused issues in the past, but my new mum just ignored me and when I stopped she placed some yummy treats in my "Zen Pen". I dragged my bed and humped it, then chewed it, then I shouted "I am NOT tired" to the human who was sat in the same room on her laptop. When nothing happened (she didn't even look at me - I'm shocked as this normally gets a response of at least a shout!) I promptly fell fast asleep for 2 hours!

Wilbur is pretending I don't exist today as I hurt his feelings, so we will slowly have to make friends again - my new family are monitoring us closely but I'm being a good boy.

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