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Adult Beginner Class

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My adult beginners course is a 4 week course aimed at dogs aged 9 months and over who have completed at least one training course with me already (Puppy School or Just Juniors). Each session lasts 50 minutes, and the course will be supported by email or telephone support if needed at anytime.

Venue: Hinton St George, Ilminster or outdoor paddock in Misterton

Cost: £60


The course looks at the foundations of dog training, making all elements fun and engaging for dogs and their human! It's suitable for dogs who are just beginning their training journey, or for dogs who have already completed a basic course (with me or elsewhere) because we will build on, and consolidate those skills.

All exercises are taught in a fun and easy to understand way, with no pressure to get it right - if it doesn't work for your dog I can show you other ways to train. I only use rewards and toys to train; no harsh methods are used.

Dogs will receive a certificate and rosette upon completion of the course.

All classes are well structured and class sizes are always small, with a maximum of 6 dogs on each course, to ensure maximum guidance for each and every dog and their family.

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