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Cheryl is amazing, we have completed 2 lots of training for each of our pups within a year and her training was invaluable.
Even when we had finished training she gave us amazing advice for our youngest boy, which helped him o become healthier and gain weight.
Would highly recommend.

Trina Passmore

We have just completed the puppy class with our cockapoo Dexter 
We all enjoyed the classes and learnt so much thank you Cheryl.
The classes were informative and fun many laughs had by all.
The training will carry on and we look forward to the next stage of classes with Cheryl

Jan Hardy

Cheryl is a fantastic dog trainer. Her classes are top class. Fun, informative and friendly. She takes the time to explain, she always has time for you when you ask questions, and most of all, my dogs LOVE her. That speaks for itself.

Vicki Watts

Cheryl was fantastic with our little Bertie. Such a kind approach to training. We 100% trusted her walking both of our dogs when we needed that extra help. Would highly recommend!

Lindsey Hyde

Massive thank you to Cheryl for a brilliant 6 weeks of classes; Cody loved every minute and we learned so much! Training is nowhere near done, but we've got everything we need to carry on at home and, hopefully, help Cody grow into a wonderful dog. With the weekly homework to keep practicing and the puppy school guide, there's no doubt that Cody will hold onto everything we learned in classes and carry on learning!


Great puppy classes! We have just completed the 'puppy school' course with Cheryl and we are now starting 'Puppy Power'! We are really enjoying the lessons and so is our Malinois puppy, Taz. The classes are well managed for nervous or over excited puppies, for example there are small barriers between the dogs which makes it easier for the puppies to focus. Cheryl makes sure dogs are relaxed and happy and this makes the owners feel at ease too. Cheryl is also ready to answer any questions or concerns you have on behaviour or issues with your puppy which is very helpful! Thank you.

Amie Pendarves

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