Puppy School

Date: Monday 11th November

Venue: Ile Valley Youth Centre, Ilminster

Time: 7pm


Date: Friday 22nd November

Venue: East Chinnock village hall

Time: 5.45pm


Date: Friday 29th November

Venue: East Chinnock village hall

Time: 7pm


Date: Monday 6th January

Venue: Ile Valley Youth Centre, Ilminster

Time: 7pm

**Good availability**

Puppy Headstart

Puppy party for helping puppies aged 

16 weeks and under to socialise and

gain confidence with new objects.


Just Junior Classes (dogs aged 5-8 months

A 6 week course covering basic manners for adolescent dogs.

Date: Tuesday 10th December 

Venue: St. George's Hall, Hinton St George

Time: 7.10pm


Contact me for more details or to book: cheryl@bigdoglittledog.org

Adult Beginners onwards (Dogs over 8 months)

A 6 week course introducing clicker training, and teaching our dogs new skills and how to focus around distractions.

Level 2 follow on.

Date: Tuesday 12th November

Venue: Hinton St George

Time: 7pm


Short Courses & Workshops

Trick Training short course

Date: Tuesday 22nd October

Venue: Hinton St George village hall

Time: 7pm


Kay Attwood - Antcipatory Behaviour Skills

We are delighted to offer you a brand new workshop from the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor of the Year, Kay Attwood. This course is a new ABS safety system for your dog!


‘Anticipatory’ describes the feeling you get when you know what’s coming - sometimes a good feeling and sadly, sometimes not. We can use anticipation to help anxiety!


It can also describe something that happens because something else is going to happen later — like that anticipatory excitement you feel the night before a big event.


Kay will talk about:

* Emotions

* Regressive assimilation

* Noise therapy

* Time perception

* General anticipation skills and how to build them

* How to turn canine anxiety into focus and attention like never   before!


The day will consist of theory and practical sessions so dog numbers will be limited. Spectators are also welcomed!


Date: Saturday 11th January 2020

Time: 10am - 4pm

Venue: Otterford Parish Hall, Bishopswood

Price:   Handlers - £85 **FULLY BOOKED** (waiting list is open)

           Spectators - £40


Tea Break refreshments will be provided

Kay Attwood - Cognitive Skills

‘Get those Cogs turning with Cognitive Skills’!

What is Cognitive Thinking?

Cognitive development is the ability to think and understand. It is the part of the brain responsible for problem solving, processing information, conceptual learning, perceptual skills, memory, creativity and brain development using cognitive psychology.
This isn't just any old ‘Match and Sample’ workshop. We’ll be concentrating on Visual, Audio, Scent and Sensual skills, to really stretch you and your dogs ability to work as a team and problem solve. There are many games that can be played using cognitive skills, using memory skills and much more!

These workshops are for dogs over 8 months of age (due to brain development). Some targeting skills would be useful but not essential and each handler must be familiar with marking behaviour whether by clicker or verbally.

We will be working with targeting via feet or nose, indication signals for when the dog has found what we’re looking for and indicates it to the handler, discrimination skills (visual, sensual, scent and audio) as in ‘it’s not that one, or that one but THIS one’!

These are very impressive skills for your dog to have and can help in many other ways, such as behaviour and general well being.

Unique match and sample using the part of the brain, responsible for problem solving
Learning new skills that help your dog in all manner of ways, whether behaviourally or general peace of mind
Improve your dogs cognitive abilities and stave off dementia!
Lots of fun for you and your dog

Date: Sunday 12th January 2020

Time: 10am - 4pm

Venue: Otterford Parish Hall, Bishopswood
Cost:    Handlers - £85 (1 space left)
           Spectators - £40

Tea break refreshments will be provided.


Please contact Big Dog Little Dog before any sessions you would like to attend - most events fill quickly so early booking is advised.

Date: Friday 10th January

Venue: East Chinnock Village hall

Time: 5.45pm

**Good availability**



9am - 5pm





Tatworth, Chard.

T / 07912985527


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