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Canine Hoopers was created as an all-inclusive dog sport. It's a low impact sport and so is kind on the joints meaning that all dogs can have a go; whether they're young dogs or senior dogs, tiny dogs or large dogs, they're all welcome and can excel at Hoopers - having a mastiff of advancing years, I can attest to this!


It's ideal for dogs and owners of all abilities and fitness levels, and we've also found it to help nervous and reactive dogs. 

The dogs navigate a course made up of hoops, barrels and tunnels similar to an agility course, but there are no jumps or tight turns. The courses are smooth and flowing meaning it can be enjoyed by dogs who might have achy joints, heavy dogs who can't tackle some of the equipment in agility and by younger dogs. Owners and dogs work as a team to navigate the course, and so it's a great bonding activity.

I am a fully accredited Canine Hoopers instructor and am registered with two governing bodies. As with all of my courses the aim is to have fun.

The courses run in 2 local venues near Crewkerne, Somerset. They are extremely popular, filling very quickly so do get in touch to find out when the next start date is.


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